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Essays in little

Essays in little

The following essays, five are new and were written for this volume. They are the paper on Mr R. L. Stevenson, the " Letter to a Young Journalist," the study of Mr Kipling, the note on Homer, and "The Last Fashionable Novel." 

The article on the author of " Oh, no ! we never mention Her," appeared in the New York Sun^ and was suggested by Mr Dana, the editor of that journal. The papers on Thackeray and Dickens were published in Good Words, that on Dumas appeared in Scribner's Magazine, that on M. Theodore de Banville in TJie New Quarterly Review. The other essays were originally written for a newspaper " Syndicate." They have been re-cast, augmented, and, to a great extent, re- written.

Contents of the book

Alexandre Dumas.--Mr. Stevenson's works.--Thomas Haynes Bayly.--Théodore de Banville.--Homer and the study of Greek.--The last fashionable novel.--Thackeray.--Dickens.--Adventures of buccaneers.--The sagas.--Charles Kingsley.--Charles Lever: his books, adventures, and misfortunes.--The poems of Sir Walter Scott.--John Bunyan.--Letter to a young journalist.--Mr. Kipling's stories

the book details :
  • Author:Andrew Lang
  • Publication date: 1891
  • Company:New York
    : Scribner's

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