Commercial research; an outline of working principles, PDF book by Carson Samuel Duncan

Commercial research; an outline of working principles (1919)

Commercial research

The theory of this book can be simply stated; it falls readily into a series of propositions that have guided the writer from first to last in the composition:

1. The immediate and primary need of business to-day is intelligent direction and control, individually, generally.

2. Intelligent direction and control of the business can be had only by a better knowledge of business principles.

3. A better knowledge of business principles can be derived only from a careful and comprehensive survey of business facts.

4. To secure a careful and comprehensive survey of business facts is a problem for business research.

5. Therefore, the immediate and primary needs of business today can be met only by business research.

This means, also, that the research work so well begun in the field of production should be carried over into trade, into buying and selling. The beginning and the end of every business enterprise is a marketing problem. The problems of marketing, therefore, like factory problems, must be isolated, abstracted, analyzed after the scientific method. More deliberate, concentrated, prolonged, and undisturbed thinking ought to be applied to business problems. They are of vital importance to success; they are fascinatingly interesting in themselves; their very difficult complexity is a stimulating intellectual challenge; the rewards which their correct solution offers have no determinable limit.

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