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Brief counsels concerning business ( 1891) PDF book

Brief counsels concerning business ( 1891) PDF book by Old man of business, pseud

Brief counsels concerning business

The writer of these lines is deeply impressed with a sense of the gravity of his position, as the giver of counsel on so important a matter as business life, and the high responsibilities this position carries with it. And this all the more, since his counsel will tend, he trusts, not only to make business life successful in ministering to personal progress in the world but also enable those who study it to press forward to that higher and better life which alone is worth living and working for here. This higher life makes a man grow purer, the longer he is in contact with the contaminating influences of some forms of business and makes him younger, the older and weaker he becomes. This life, while it ministers to success in business, makes it also a ministration of good to others, inducing them to walk by the rule of that wisdom ' whose ways are ways of pleasantness, and all whose paths are peace.'

These counsels, the author hopes, are likely to be sound because they are based on the practical experience of long and active business life. They are also readily attainable by those who, if they are not blessed with great natural gifts, has at all events a wish to walk warily through He in that path which is pleasing to ' Him with whom we have to do,' and from whom comes alike the success which generally attends that course, and the determined yet humble will to follow it.

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