A garden of herbs (1921) by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde Free PDF book

A garden of herbs (1921) by Eleanour Sinclair Rohde Free PDF book

Contains recipes, mostly from old books, for herbal teas, conserves, homemade wines, candied flowers, and leaves, pomanders, etc

here need be no limit to the size of the garden, for, as one eminent herbalist tells us, there are on an average about seven hundred different remedies for most of the common ailments, but it is undoubtedly the moderate-sized garden which is the most attractive. This little book only deals with the few well-known English wild and garden herbs that everyone can grow and use.

No mention is made of the purely medicinal uses of herbs, the receipts being merely for the excellent old herbal teas, the syrups and conserve, the herbal drinks and home-made wines, the candied flowers and- leaves, the sweet waters, washing-balls, pomanders, etc., which are great -grandmothers were so skillful in preparing.

I have included just a few recipes, which are, alas, of no use, in our sadly unimaginative age! One of these will be found under the heading " Thyme ": "To enable one to see the Fairies," and I can only trust it will not fall under the eye of any severely practical person, but as William Coles says of some of the things in his Art of Simpling: "if there be any that are not true yet they are pleasant."

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