What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of its Disciples -by Manly P. Hall - PDF ebook

What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of its Disciples

What the Ancient Wisdom Expects of its Disciples


This publication was originally written to protect sincere persons from the confusion of conflicting beliefs which came to be known as popular metaphysics. This was a conglomerate of European psychology, Asiatic mysticism, and New England psychism. 

Most of the dialogue was well-intended, but the public, in general, was not qualified to judge the merits or demerits of teachers or their teachings. It was assumed that spiritual education could be communicated in easy lessons; however, it soon became obvious that the situation was out of hand. 

The only practical solution was to restate the original teachings of those esoteric orders which have descended to us from the ancient world — that enlightenment must be earned by personal dedication to an enlightened code of conduct. In the ancient system of initiation, the truth seeker must pass through a second birth, and those who attained this exalted state were known thereafter as “the twice-born.”

The only one who has been born again can understand the mysteries of heaven. This new birth, however, is not attained by merely joining a sect. It must be personally earned through a complete regeneration of character and conduct. It is a mistake to assume that all persons whose actions are mysterious, or who claim to be members of secret orders are adepts or initiates in the true meaning of these words. 

There has been a vast amount of pretension and only discrimination can protect the truth seeker from imposture. If we can free our minds from the glamour which surrounds the esoteric sciences and attain a solid knowledge of the principles of true philosophy, we will not be long deceived. Legitimate teachers in the field of mystical religions are known for their works and not for their claims.

Author: Manly P. Hall
Publication date:1925

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