Martin Eden by Jack London Free PDF Novel (1908)

Download Martin Eden by Jack London Free PDF Novel (1908)

Martin Eden by Jack London

A powerful book. A dynamic working-class man discovers the world of knowledge and culture, falls in love with a girl from this new world, and realizes he has a gift for writing. Although he eventually succeeds after much self-denial one after another his new ideals prove to be disappointments. The portrayal of his dawning consciousness is dazzling.

The second half of the book drags somewhat but the tragic ending - which came as more of a surprise than it should have - has the inevitability of a force of nature, despite the atypical (for Jack London) urban setting. For me the book is summed up by the thought that comes to Eden on the boat to Tahiti: "Well, here he was, the great man on board, in the midmost center of it, sitting at the captain’s right hand, and yet vainly harking back to forecastle and stoke-hole in quest of the Paradise he had lost. He had found no new one, and now he could not find the old one" - a thought that, for this reader, was uncomfortably close to home


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