The English tourist in Italy - PDF - by Niccola Genzardi

The English tourist in Italy: A practical and easy method of learning and speaking Italian 

The English tourist in Italy
The English tourist in Italy

The object which the author has had in view in presenting you the 26 edition of this modest Treatise is explained in ' the Title-page. 

This work is divided into three parts: In the 1 st part will be found rules for the correct pronunciation of Italian, together with a short dictionary of many useful words (English - Italian) the correct pronunciation of the Italian being given in each case. In the second part are the grammatical rules of the Italian I language, with exercises on those rules and a Key. From page 72 onwards you will find at the foot of each page an English proverb with the corresponding Italian on the opposite page.

The 3 rd part contains a list of words in general use; a collection of phrases in the form of question and answer, as well as of short dialogues, which will be of the utmost use to Travellers in Italy, together with an English-Italian / Dictionary of all the words employed in this Treatise. There is further a selection of Reading Exercises, each 1 word of which is marked with this sign (-) on the syllable 1 whereon the greater emphasis is to be laid.

The rules given are few and simple and, with a knowledge of them and of a few hundred words easily committed to memory, you can visit Italy with the certainty not only of being able to make yourself understood, but also, when you have acquired a little practice and your ear has become accustomed to the sweet sound of the Italian language, you will be able to join in any ordinary conversation. The sign (-) placed over a syllable in any Italian word is only arbitrary, used throughout this book, to indicate the syllable upon which the tonic accent falls.

Author:Genzardi, Niccola E.; Genzardi, Niccola E
 Publication Date:1937

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