(Yellow Kid) Wei PDF book: the autobiography of America's master swindler ( 1948)

Download (Yellow Kid) Wei PDF book:  the autobiography of America's master swindler (1948)

 autobiography of America's master swindler

Excerpt from the book introduction:

Long before I ever met the Yellow Kid, I had heard of him. His adventures fascinated me. I had a yen to know the inside story behind those fabulous tales I heard and read in the newspapers. When I started to dig, I learned that the Kid had been a figure in criminal circles so long, that he had become a legend. Criminologists had devoted considerable space in their books to his exploits. But all this was third person stuff, based on a mixture of fact, rumor, and hearsay.

I determined to get acquainted with the Yellow Kid. But that was something of an undertaking. I trailed him all over Chicago before I finally found him. Not that he was trying to evade me. He's just an elusive sort of fellow. I can imagine how the police of two continents must have pulled their hair when they were trying to nab him during his heyday

Far from finding the Kid a man of superficialities, I discovered that he has many real accomplishments. One of these is his uncanny knowledge of human nature. In this respect, he may be far ahead of some of our more celebrated psychologists. He can size up a man and accurately forecast his reactions to almost any given set of circumstances.

Another trait of the Kid's which rather surprised me was his knowledge of world affairs. Not only does he keep abreast of important happenings at home and abroad, but he also has very strong opinions about them. He is never indifferent about anything; he is either for it or against it.

Some of his opinions have been interwoven into the story of his career. But, in the main, this has been written to entertain the reader. I have tried to present Mr. Weil as he portrayed himself to me: a very colorful gent.
I hope you'll enjoy reading the Yellow Kid's exploits. Don't try to imitate them!

Author: Weil, Joseph R; Brannon, William T 
Publication Date: 1948 

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