Sadism and masochism, Book (1935) : the psychology of hatred and cruelty

Sadism and masochism PDF (1935)

Excerpt from the introduction:
It is the opinion not only of psychoanalysts but of the most eminent neurologists and students of human conduct the world over that Dr. Stekel's great studies analyze the instincts and emotions, particularly of sex, more thoroughly and with greater simplicity and insight than any other work that has ever been written. 

His work on disorders of the instincts and the emotions, to which belongs Sadism and Masochism, brings to the attention of the English reading public the most important work of its kind that has appeared since Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia-Sexual. Havelock Ellis' important series. Studies in the Psychology of Sex, and the works of Freud, Moll, and Bloch. This work is intended primarily to furnish practitioners with a reliable guide through the difficult realm of instincts and emotions, their disorders and rational psychotherapy.

Stekel's technique is not limited to orthodox psychoanalysis. It follows for the most part along with original ones, utilizing the elements of other schools of thought.

The fantasy appears with many variations. The masochistic man revels in the idea that he is compelled to carry a heavy woman until he almost breaks down under the burden. The sadistic woman may manifest the same wish as a token of her domination and the complete subjection of the man.

More rarely one imagines that one is carrying a child, or in association with zoanthropic ideas, there is the identification of oneself with a riding animal. The woman in riding clothes with a riding whip belongs to the last-named fantasy. I will mention on this occasion the not unusual identification of a man with a dog that is harshly treated by a woman. This idea, too, may find an outlet in the wish to carry a woman. One might trace this fantasy to the reversal of actual infantile situations. Children are carried around by adults, and the exchange of roles is a daily occurrence in the paraphilia. Nevertheless, complicated conditions are often brought to light, as the next case will reveal to us.

Author: Wilhelm Stekel 
Translator: Louise Brink
Publication Date:1935

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