Republican Rome PDF book : her conquests, manners and institutions from the earliest times to the death of Caesar

Republican Rome: her conquests, manners, and institutions from the earliest times to the death of Caesar by H.L Havell (1914)

Republican Rome: her conquests, manners,

from the introduction:
This lamentable termination of a busy and honored life removed from the book in its progress through the press the assistance which would in ordinary circumstances be rendered by the author. Fortunately, Mr. Havell was extremely careful in finishing his manuscripts. But his work upon the selection of the illustrations was not very far advanced, and only some notes concerning the maps were found to be serviceable. It was, therefore, necessary to begin this part of the work afresh, and Mr. H. B. Cotterill was good enough to undertake the selection of the illustrations and to write the explanatory Notes upon them. We are also greatly indebted to him for valuable advice and assistance in the compilation of the maps. Mr. Cotterill desires that acknowledgment should be made here of the kind assistance given him in the selection of the coins by Mr. J. Allan, of the Department of Coins and Medals, British Museum.

I. From the Foundation of Rome to the Expulsion of the Kings I II. General Review of Early Roman History 20 III. Populus 39 IV. External Affairs down to the Sack of Rome by the Gauls 62 V. The I/ATin, Samnite, and Etruscan Wars 88 VI. Settlement of the Constitution 118 VII. The War with Pyrrhus and the Final Conquest of Italy 132 VIII. The First Punic War 156 IX. Between the First and Second Punic Wars 185 X. The Second Punic War: I. From the Siege op Sagxxntum to the Battle of Cannae 201 XI. The Second Punic War: II. From Cannae to Zama 239 XII. Progress of the Roman Arms to the Time OF the Gracchi 275 XIII, On the Eve of Revolution 331 XIV. The Gracchi and Marius 360 vii

Author: H. L. HAVELL
 Publication Date: 1914

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