Dreams and the unconscious Free PDF book ( psycho-analysis) by Charles Wilfred Valentine

Dreams and the unconscious Free PDF book: an introduction to the study of psycho-analysis by  Charles Wilfred Valentine

Dreams and the unconscious Free PDF book

Subsequently issued, with revision and added material, under the title, "The new psychology of the unconscious."

I wish here to make it quite clear that the practical application of the methods of psychoanalysis to cases of nervous diseases is a matter with which the amateur should certainly not meddle. The physician trained in general medicine and in psychology is the proper person, or there may be a collaboration between medical men and trained psychological investigators. 

In many cases of nervous disease, possibly in all, there is some physical element involved, and medical skill is required for this,^ though it must not be supposed that the ordinary medical training is adequate for dealing with psychological matters. It is obvious that where there is a physical factor involved, an attempt to deal with the trouble on purely psychological lines will result in neglect of treatment which may be essential to recovery, and grave consequences may ensue. Nor, as Freud suggests, can the psychologist always be relied upon to know when it is necessary to consult a medical man.

On the other hand, incompetent psychological treatment, whether by medical man or layman, may also cause more evil than it cures. For one thing, the power of suggestion, often so helpful in a mental case, may also be a hindrance, leading to the imagination of troubles and ills which do not exist, or to the exaggeration of the importance of those which do. Having said this,

I would point out, however, that a few failures in psychoanalytic treatment are not an adequate cause for general denunciation of the method used, any more than are the few deaths that result from mistaken diagnosis or treatment by medical men, or from a slip of the knife in a serious operation. Nor is the fact that 1 On this point sees Functional Nerve Disease, edited by Crichton Miller, especially chap. i. and p. 183.

Author: Charles Wilfred Valentine
 Publication Date:1922
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