Ivan Greet's masterpiece - PDF book by Grant Allen

Ivan Greet's masterpiece and other Short Stories

Ivan Greet's masterpiece pdf book
Ivan Greet's masterpiece by Grant Allen

I have collected in this volume such as my recent short stories as seemed to me to possess the best claim to literary treatment. They are mostly those which have been written more or less to please me, and not to please the editor of this or that periodical. Others, however, are cast as a sop to Cerberus. The first on the list, " Ivan Greet's Masterpiece," was originally published in the Graphit: I sent it, I confess, in fear and trembling-, and was agreeably surprised when I found the editor had the boldness to print it unaltered. 

'Two of the other .stories here given to the world, however, met with less good fortune: " The Sixth Commandment" and "The Missing Link." This is their first public appearance on any stage. They were sent round to every magazine in which they possessed the ghost of a chance; but, as usually happens when one writes anything in which one feels more than ordinary personal interest, they were unanimously declined by the whole press of London.

Content of the book

Headpiece: A confidential communication.--I. The Reverend John Creedy.--II. Francine's first communion.--III. The child of the phalanstery.--IV. The abbé's repentance.--V. Wolverine tower.--VI. Janets Nemesis.--Intermezzo: Langalula.--VII. The curate of Churnside.--VIII. Cecca's lover.--IX. The backslider.--X. John Cann's treasure.--XI. Ivan Greet's masterpiece.--XII. The churchwarden's brother.--Tailpiece: A matter of standpoint

Author: Grant Allen
Publication Date: 1893

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