Fourteen lessons in yogi (yoga ) philosophy and oriental occultism PDF book 1909 By William Atkinson

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Fourteen lessons in yogi philosophy

These lessons were originally issued in the form of monthly booklets, forming what was known as the " Correspondence Class Course of 1904." They met with such hearty support from the public and seemed to fill so well a need of students of Occultism and the Yogi Philosophy, that it was thought advisable to issue them in the present form. We consider these lessons the simplest, most practical, and plainest presentation of the elementary principles of the Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism ever issued. They, of course, are elementary but seem to be just what the average student requires. Not only are they adapted to the requirements of the beginner, but much older and advanced students have written us that they have found great pleasure and much profit from again going over their kindergarten lessons in such plain form. The author, following his usual custom, declined to write a preface for this book, holding to his oft-expressed idea that " truth should be self-evident, and in no manner dependent upon the personality of its teachers," he felt that I had said all that he had to say in the lessons themselves, and not wishing to " intrude his personality " upon his readers. The reader's attention is directed to our notice of an Advanced Course on the same subject, appearing on the pages following reading matter.

We are sure that the members of the class of 1904 will get into harmony with each other, and with us, from the very start, and that we will obtain results that will surprise even ourselves, and that the term of the class will mark a wonderful spiritual growth and unfoldment for many of the class. 

This result would be impossible were the class composed of the general public, in which the adverse thought vibrations of many would counteract, or at least retard, the impelling force generated in the minds of those are in sympathy with the work. But we will not have this obstacle to overcome, as the class has been recruited only from that class of students who are interested in the occult. The announcements sent out by us have been worded in such a way as to attract the attention only of those for whom they were intended. 

The mere sensation- hunters and the " faddists " have not been attracted by our call, while those for whom the call was intended have heard and have hastened to communicate with us. As the poet has sung: " Where I pass, all my children know me." The members of the class having been attracted to us, and we to them will form a harmonious body working with us to the common end of self-improvement, growth, development, and unfoldment. The spirit of harmony and unity of purpose will do much for us, and the united thought of the class, coupled with our own, will be a tower of strength, and each student will receive the benefit of it and will be strengthened and sustained thereby.

Author:William Atkinson Publication Date:1909    
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