Chess lyrics- PDF Arthur Ford Mackenzie,

 Chess lyrics: a collection of chess problems 

The fact that, like Milton and Beethoven, he has had since 1896 to labour handicapped by the total loss of what would naturally be considered the most essential of the five senses, has won for him universal sympathy; but the further fact that, like the blind poet and the deaf musician, he has risen above his affliction, and actually turned his affliction into new liberty free from the material shackles by which the rest of mankind is weighed down, has won for him even wider admiration and fame. Mr. Mackenzie was born in Kingston, Jamaica, his father being an Englishman,

Mr Edwin Yarrington Mackenzie of Devonshire, and his maternal grandfather the late Edward Colston Lewis of Bristol. After graduating from the Church of England and Collegiate School in Kingston, Mr. Mackenzie became a junior master in that institution but was compelled by his failing health to relinquish the position. Like so many other invalids he found in Chess the pleasantest solace. Although he had learned the moves when a mere schoolboy, he only slowly developed his powers as a problemist, through a happy series of accidents which he has himself described for this book. Once engaged in the lists of problem tournaments, however, Mr Mackenzie won his way rapidly to the front rank of Chess Knights, becoming, at last, the acknowledged Champion whom Time and Affliction have only succeeded in establishing more firmly as a leader.

Author  Arthur Ford Mackenzie
Publication Date:1905 
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