Survivors' tales of famous crimes (1916) by Wood Walker Free PDF Book

Download Survivors' tales of famous crimes 1916 by Wood Walker Free Book (REAL CRIMES)

Survivors' tales of famous crimes (1916) by Wood Walker Free Thriller Book

An excerpt from the author's introduction:

These narratives illustrate the working and effects of such emotions. They are concrete and maybe full} relied upon as accurate accounts of the cases dealt with because I made myself responsible, when necessary, for verifying statements that were made on the strength of time- dimmed memories. The occasional uncertainties which were met with related mostly to dates; as for general facts and impressions, I discovered that each case was indelibly stamped upon the mind of the particular informant interrogated.

Nevertheless, to assure accuracy in detail, each completed story was submitted to the teller for approval. In several instances, a tale was told to me either on the scene of the crime or in some room which was closely connected with the event so that one became linked as intimately as it w^as possible to be with the atmosphere of the case.

 I have had no wish to dwell on horrors or to pander to any morbid taste. I desired to give a collection of stories which should be very human documents and also remind us that grim and stealthy deeds are inseparable from our daily life. I believe that I have been able to secure many interesting little sidelights on the character and acts of notorious evildoers which have not been previously published. Many patients and willing help have been given to me by my informants, and I gladly acknowledge it; while I am under very special obligations to Dr. George Fletcher, J. P., for putting at my disposal much of his unique and unrivaled material relating to the Palmer and Tichborne cases.

Content of the book:
1. The Moat Farm Murder. 2. Henry Wain Wright's Crime 3. The Sham Baronet. 4. The Pence Mystery 5. Kate Webster's Revenge 6. Master Criminal 7. The Brighton Railway Murder 8. Palmer's Poisonings 9. The Southend Murder 10. The Reading Baby-Farmer 11. The Mystery of Yarmouth Beach 12. The Ardlamont Riddle . 13. The Newcastle Train Murder 14. The Lamson Case 15. Crippen's Callous Crime . 16. Seddon's Greed of Gold. 17. The Hooded Man 18. The Vauxhall Train Tragedy 19. The Tottenham Outrage.

Author: Wood Walker

 Publication Date: 1916

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