The bird book - PDF book by Chester A. Reed

The bird book 

The bird book

illustrating in natural colors more than seven hundred North American birds, also several hundred photographs of their nests and eggs



Grebes are birds having a ducklike body, but with pointed bills. Their feet, too, are unlike those of the Ducks, each toe having its separate web, and having a broad flat nail. Their wings are very small for the size of the body, making it impossible for them to rise in flight from the land. They rise from the water by running a few yards along the surface until they have secured sufficient headway to allow them to launch themselves into the air. After having risen from the water their flight is very swift and strong. On land they are very awkward and can only progress by a. series of awkward hops; they generally lie flat on their breasts, but occasionally stand up, supporting themselves upon their whole tarsus. Grebes, together with the Loons, are the most expert aquatic birds that we have, diving like a flash and swimming for an incredible distance underwater.

Some contents:

Diving Birds. Order I. Pygopodes 10
Grebes. Family Columbidae 11
Loons. Family Gaviidse 17
Auks, Murres and Puffins. Family Alcides 21
liOng-winged Swimmers. Order II. Longines 35
Skuas and Jaegers. Family Stercoraridae 35
Gulls and Terns. Family Laridae 38
Skimmers. Family Rynchopidse 58
Tube-nosed Swimmers. Order III. Tubinares 59
Albatrosses. Family Diomedeidae 59
Fulmars, Shearwaters and Petrels. Family Procellariidae 61
Totipalmate Swimmers. Order IV. Steganopodes 72
Tropic Birds. Family Phsethontidse 72
Gannets. Family Sulidae 74
Darters. Family Anhingidas 77
Cormorants. Family Phalacrocoracidae 78
Pelicans. Family Pelecanidae 83
Man-o'-War Birds. Family Fregatidae 86
Lamellirostral Swimmers. Order V. Anseres 87
Ducks, Geese and Swans. Family Anatidae 87
Lamellirostral Grallatores. Order VI. Odontoglossum 115
Flamingoes. Family Phoenicopteridse 115
Herons, Storks, Ibises, etc. Order VII. Herodiones 115
Spoonbills. Family Plataleidee 115
Ibises. Family Ibidldae 117
Storks and Wood Ibises. Family Ciconiidae 118
Herons, Bitterns, etc. Family Ardeid» 119
•Cranes, Rails, etc. Order VIII. Paludicolae 127
Cranes. Family Gruid» 127
Courlans. Family Aramidffi 129
Rails, Gallinules and Coots. Family Rallidae 131
Shore Birds. Order IX. Limicolse 137
Phalaropes. Family Phalaropodids 137
Avocets and Stilts. Family Recurvirostridffi 139
Snipes, Sandpipers, etc. Family Scolopacidae 140
Plovers. Family Charadriidffi 161
Surf Birds and Turnstones. Family Aphrizidffi 169
Oyster-catchers. Family Hsematopodidae 170
Jacanas. Family Jacanidae 172
<3allinaceous Birds. Order X. Galling 175
Grouse, Partridges, etc. Family Odontophoridae 175
Turkeys. Family Meleagridse 178
Curassows and Guans. Family Cracidae

the book details :
  • Author: Chester A. Reed
  • Publication date:1914
  • Company:  Publisher Worcester, Mass., C. K. Reed

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