The Art of Caricaturing PDF - (1941) by Mitchell Smith

The Art of Caricaturing: Lessons in drawing Caricature

The Art of Caricaturing

In the writing and illustrating of this book, my aim has been to produce a comprehensive and concise treatise on the art of caricature. It has been made as brief as is consistent with clearness and complete' ness. Although the text is brief, no illustrations Ttfere spared. The many plates illustrate all points necessary, and each of the points illustrated is explained in the text with reference to that particular illustration. In addition to the plates, there are many caricatures of famous men included. Acting upon the assumption that it is easier to work if one's assignments are already made, Chapter XII has been made up of assignments and suggestions, which makes this book a complete course in caricaturing. If you obtain half as much pleasure and profit from the use of this book as I derived from writing, and especially illustrating it, I shall consider my time well spent.


Foreword 7
List of Illustrations 11
Chapter I Pen Lines and Material 15
Chapter II The Face and Head 2J
Chapter III Expression 31
Chapter IV Exaggeration 37
Chapter V Comic Figures 43
Chapter VI Action 47
Chapter VII" Shading and Shadows 55
Chapter VIII Technique 61
Chapter IX Animals 69
Chapter X Lettering 75
Chapter XI This and That 81
Chapter XII Assignments and Suggestions 85 

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