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Conduct of the understanding 

Conduct of the understanding
Conduct of the understanding 

The substance of the following subjects " Conduct of the Understanding in Philosophy and Physiology, and How the Abuse of Nature affects the Development of Mind," occupied the Author's consideration and reflection for many years

He learned when a College student the supreme interest and pleasure of the method of study of science, the discipline of the mind, and the art of learning, and hence his desire that scholars should direct their attention to these high themes. Many students are engrossed by the distractions of modern active life, with the result that their inefficiency in various branches of knowledge only becomes fatal to the health of their minds. 

Therefore the Author has in this book emphasized the deep importance of exercising power and discipline of mind and has given some needed rules on how to develop habits of attention and the art of learning.
 It would be unprofitable, and even frivolous, on the Author's part were he to overlook the practical application of these rules which he considers as best adapted for the most zealous prosecution of knowledge in medicine, anatomy, and kindred sciences. 

All who agree that Science and Philosophy united with a commercial education are of the utmost importance in actual duties and responsibilities of life are invited to study the following themes that tend to conduct the mind to its high dignity.

the book details :
  • Author: Timothy O'Mahoney
  • Publication date:1920
  • Company: London, G. Routledge 

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