Thai Scripts: A 730-Year History - PDF ebook

Thai Scripts: A 730-Year History

Thai Scripts: A 730-Year History

The Thai alphabet has been developed for centuries. Thanks to the ingenuity of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great of Sukho thai Kingdom, the alphabet was devised to serve communication purpose. Knowledge and culture of the ancient people have since been passed down through generations. 

In this manner, the Thai alphabet is invaluable national treasure.In addition, different dialectal scripts have been evolved from the Thai alphabet. 

These developments mirror the wisdom and identity of each ethnic group, which dwell happily in different parts of the country under the grace of the Thai monarchs.Aware of the importance of Thai alphabet as a national identity, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration assigned its Culture, Sports and Tourism Department to launch a project to celebrate the 730 ,h year of the creation of Thai script in 2013. As part of the project,

 Thai Scripts: A 730- Year History, was published to chronicle development of the alphabet with aim of encouraging Thai people to value and join in the preservation of the Thai language.
the book details 

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