The school and society - John Dewey - PDF ebook

The school and society - John Dewey

The school and society - John Dewey
The school and society - John Dewey - PDF ebook 

We are apt to look at the school from an individualistic standpoint, as something between teacher and pupil, or between teacher and parent. That which interests us most is naturally the progress made by the individual child of our acquaintance, his normal physical development, his advanced ability to read, write, and figure, his growth in the knowledge of geography and history, improvement in manners, habits of promptness, order, and industry — it is from such standards as these that we judge the work of the school. And rightly so. 

Yet the range of the outlook needs to be enlarged. What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child, that must the community want for all of its children. Any other ideal for^ our schools is narrow and unlovely; acted upon, it destroys our democracy. 

All that society has accomplished for itself is put, through the agency of the school, at the disposal of its future members. All its better thoughts of itself it hopes to realize through the new possibilities thus opened to its future self. 

I. The School and Social Progress. . . 3
II. The School and the Life of the Child. 31
III. Waste in Education 50
IV. The Psychology of Elementary Education 87
V. Froebel's Educational Principles. iii
VI. The Psychology or Occupations . . .131
VII. The Development of Attention . . . 144
VIII. The Aim of History in Elementary Education 155

the book details :
  • Author: John Dewey 
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: Chicago, Ill., The University of Chicago press

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