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What is psychoanalysis

What is psychoanalysis

The origin and purpose of this book may be stated in a few words. From time to time physicians, clergymen, social workers, and laymen have made certain enquiries concerning psychoanalysis, with particular reference to its aim and purpose and its field of usefulness as a therapeutic procedure. 

These questions were recorded and the answers planned, partly on the basis of the theory of psychoanalysis, and partly with a view to meeting certain objections and criticisms which were made at the time the questions were answered. 

Much of this data is incorporated in the present little volume. The answers to these questions, while explaining psychoanalysis, have at the same time provided suggestions for mental

A. Psychoanalysis is the most recent and advanced therapeutic procedure for the treatment of neuroses. It is what its name implies, an analysis of the mind. Other psychotherapeutic methods deal only with the superficial manifestations of the neuroses, and therefore cannot produce a fundamental cure. Psychoanalysis concerns itself primarily with the cause of symptoms, with their real underl5dng mechanism.
 It not only penetrates into the origin of symptoms, but the analysis at the same time is the treatment. It is a study of man's unconscious motives  ? and desires as shown in various nervous disturbances and in certain manifestations of everyday life in normal individuals.

 It has been demonstrated that the manifold symptoms of the neuroses result from unfulfilled desires often extending back to the earliest years of childhood. 

These desires not only influence the formation of character traits but likewise are responsible for many forms of nervous illness.


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  • Author: Isador H. Coriat
  • Publication date: 1919
  • Company: London, Paul, Trench, Trubner

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