Defensive ferments of the animal organism - PDF by Emil Abderhalden

Defensive ferments of the animal organism

Defensive ferments of the animal organism

Against substances out of harmony with the body, the blood plasma and the cells; their demonstration, and their diagnostic significance for testing the functions of different organs

It is more than three years since Abderhalden first published his results in regard to the serodiagnosis of pregnancy. In the course of his general studies on the nature and properties of the ferments in the blood, and on their relations to metabolism, he came across an instance of their specific action, which suggested the possibility of diagnosing the condition of pregnancy by their means. And it was on the basis of the same methods as had been employed years before by himself and his followers in their preliminary theoretical investigations, that he was led to the great discovery of the demonstration of specific ferments in the blood-serum; that is to say, by the use of the optical method and of the dialysate process.

 In view of the possibility of the practical application, in medicine, of these new methods of research, for the purpose of making differential diagnoses and of testing the functions of organs in various diseases, they have been taken up by many members of the medical profession. They were first employed by the gynaecologist, but there is now hardly any branch of medicine left in which the application of these new methods has not been attempted, and in the course of time interest in these new weapons of research has rapidly increased. 

Much has been done, for the popularization of these methods, by the kindness which has been shown by Abderhalden and his assistants to all those who were willing to acquaint themselves with the rather complicated technique involved in them. He found room in his institute for all who wanted to come; every written inquiry was promptly answered; and reagents, such as placenta-albumen and peptone, in the preparation of which some difficulty is met with, were freely supplied from his laboratory. The conception of " harmony and disharmony " has been employed by us, in order to represent the meaning we attach to Abderhalden's terms " fremd " and " eigen." 

These phrases, though they have been translated literally by some, do not seem to us to be amenable to direct translation. In presenting this translation of the latest edition of Abderhalden's work on defensive ferments, I have been inspired by the hope of being able to excite or further, in regard to this important line of modern research, the interest of many to whom the German text may be inaccessible.

Some contents:

\Means of defence of unicellular organisms against substances
out of harmony with the cell ... ... ... ... 2
Progressive decomposition of the units of nutrition ... 8, 32
The co-operation of different unicellular organisms ... ... 10
Division of labour in multicellular organisms ... ... 11
The value of milk to the suckling ... 13-15
^The transformation of nutritive material into products
in harmony with the body, plasma, and cells ... 16, 23
The specific structure of each cellular species ... 17,24
The signification of digestion in cell-metabolism ... ... 16
Observations, in the fields of physiology and pathology, suggesting a specific structure in different cellular species 16
Hermaphroditismus verus ... ... ... 17
Results of experiments on transplantation ... ... ... 18
Cell-specific therapy ... ... ... ... ... ... 19
The distinction between substances that are in, or out of, harmony
with [a) the body ; (b) the blood ; and [c) the cells ... 22
Demonstration of the probability of the existence of cell
constituents, that are specific to the species and the organs ; 24
Cell constituents specific to the species and to "function" ... 27
Transformation of the units of a given cellular species into
constituents of other cells ...
The regulation of the harmony of the metabolic processes in
the organism ... ... ... ... ... ... ,1 42'
Inter-relations of different cellular species ... ... ... or
The invasion of cells out of harmony with the body. Means
of defence of the organism against such cellular species 42

Translation of Abwehrfermente des tierischen Organismus gegen Körper-, Blutplasma- und Zellfremde Stoffe

the book details :
  • Author:  Emil Abderhalden
  • Translator: J. O. Gavronsky. 
  • Publication date: 1914
  • Company: London, J. Bales, Sons & Danielsson, Ltd.

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