The Titan - PDF (1914) by Theodore Dreiser

The Titan novel by Theodore Dreiser

The Titan novel by Theodore Dreiser

Review :
Of all modern novelists, Theodore Dreiser most entirely catches the spirit of America. Here is the huge torrential stream of material energies. Here are the men and women, so pushed and driven and parched and bleached, by the enormous forces of industry and commerce, that all distinction in them seems to be reduced to a strange colourlessness; while the primordial animal cravings, greedy, earth-born, fumble after their aims across the sad and littered stage of sombre scenery. 

There is something epic something enormous and amorphous —like the body of an elemental giant — about each of these books.

In the " Titan," especially, the peculiar power of Dreiser's massive, coulter-like impetus is evident. Here we realize how, between animal passion and material ambition, there is little room left in such a nature as Cooperwood's for any complicated subtlety.

 All is simple, direct, hard, and healthy — a very epitome and incarnation of the life force, as it manifests itself in America.

Theodore Dreiser believed in evolutionary and materialistic determinism and gave these ideas powerful expressions. Preoccupied with sex, he demanded the freedom to write about it as he saw fit.

book details :
  • Author:Theodore Dreiser 
  • Publication date:  (1914)
  • Company: The Bodley Head; Toronto: Bell & Cockburn

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