A Complete Grammar of Esperanto - by Ivy Kellerman Reed - PDF ebook

A Complete Grammar of Esperanto

A Complete Grammar of Esperanto

This volume has been prepared to meet a twofold need. An adequate presentation of the International Language has become an imperative necessity. Such presentation, including full and accurate grammatical explanations, suitably graded reading lessons and similarly graded material for translation from English, has not heretofore been accessible within the compass of a single volume, or in fact within the compass of any two or three volumes. 

The combination of grammar and reader here offered is therefore unique. It is to furnish not merely an introduction to Esperanto, or a superficial acquaintance with it, but a genuine understanding of the language and mastery of its use without recourse to additional textbooks, readers, etc. In other words, this one-volume affords as complete a knowledge of Esperanto as several years' study of grammar and various readers will accomplish for any national language. Inflexion, word-formation and syntax are presented clearly and concisely, yet with a degree of completeness and in a systematic order that constitutes a new feature. 

A general characteristic of obvious advantage is that almost without exception new forms and constructions are illustrated by means of words or roots already familiar. Likewise, the new words or roots of each lesson recur at least once in the next lesson, and usually in some lessons thereafter as well. Each reading exercise gives not only thorough application of the grammatical principles of the lesson, but a review of those in the preceding lesson, and no use is made of words or constructions not yet explained. 

The comparative ease of the language, and the lack of necessity for reciting paradigms, permit the reading exercises to be long enough for the student to feel that he has really mastered something. These exercises are further unique, in that each after the fifth is a coherent narrative, and nearly everyone is a story of genuine interest in itself. These stories, if bound separately, would alone constitute a reader equivalent to those used in first and second-year work in national languages. (For a list of titles, see Table of Contents.) 

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  • Author: Ivy Kellerman Reed 
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company:Chicago: D.C. Heath & Co

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