Rising in the world- PDF book by Orison Swett Marden

Rising in the world, or, Architects of fate 

Rising in the world
Orison Swett  Marden

A book designed to inspire youth to character building, self-culture and noble achievement

From the introduction:

The demand for more than a dozen editions of " Pushing to the Front " during its first year and its universally favourable reception, both at home and abroad, have encouraged the author to publish this companion volume of somewhat similar scope and purpose. 

The two books were prepared simultaneously; and the story of the first, given in its preface, applies equally well to this. 

Inspiration to character-building and worthy achievement is the keynote of the present volume; its object, to arouse to honourable exertion youth who are drifting without aim, to awaken dormant ambitions in those who have grown discouraged in the struggle for success, to encourage and stimulate to higher resolve those who are setting out to make their own way, with perhaps neither friendship nor capital other than a determination to get on in the world. 

Nothing is so fascinating to youth with high purpose, life, and energy throbbing in his young blood as stories of men and women who have brought great things to pass. Though these themes are as old as the human race, yet they are ever new, and more interesting- ing to the young than any fiction. The cry of youth is for life! more life! No didactic or dogmatic teaching, however brilliant, will capture a twentieth-century boy, keyed up to the highest pitch by the pressure of an intense civilization. 

The romance of achievement under difficulties, of obscure beginnings and triumphant ends; the story of how great men started, their struggles, their long waitings, amid want and woe, the obstacles over- come, the final triumphs; examples, which explode excuses, of men who have seized common situations and made them great; of those of average capacity who have succeeded by the use of ordinary means, by dint of indomitable will and inflexible purpose: these will most inspire the ambitious youth. 

The author teaches that there are bread and success for every youth under the American flag who has tlie grit to seize his chance and work his way to his own loaf; that the barriers are not j^et erected which declare to aspiring talent, 

" Thus far and no farther "; that the most forbidding circumstances cannot repress a longing for knowledge, a yearning for growth; that poverty, humble birth, loss of limbs or even eyesight, have not been able to bar the progress of men with grit; that poverty has rocked the cradle of the giants who have wrung civilization from barbarism, and have led the world up from savagery to the Gladstones, the Lincolns, and the Grants.

The book shows that it is the man with one unwavering aim who cuts his way through the opposition and forges to the front; that in this electric age, where everything is pusher or pushed, he who would succeed must hold his ground and push hard; that what is stumbling- blocks and defeats to the weak and vacillating, are but stepping-stones and victories to the strong and determined. 

The author teaches that every germ of goodness will at last struggle into bloom and fruitage, and that true success follows every right step. He has tried to touch the higher springs of the youth's aspiration; to lead him to high ideals; to teach him that there is something nobler in the occupation than merely living-getting; that a man may make millions and be a failure still; to caution youth not to allow the maxims of low prudence, dinned daily into his ears in this money-getting age, to repress the longings for a higher life; that the hand can never safely reach higher than does the heart. 

The author's aim has been largely through concrete illustrations which have pith, point, and purpose, to be more suggestive than dogmatic, in a style more practical than elegant, more helpful than, ornate, more pertinent than a novel.

the book details :
  • Author:Orison Swett Marden
  • Publication date: 1897
  • Company: New York: Success Co.

  • Download 14.7 MB

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