Humanity and the mysterious knight ( 1914) by Mack Stauffer Free Utopia Novel

Humanity and the mysterious knight

We are now in a phase of rapid and unprecedented development. The conditions under which we live are changing with ever-increasing rapidity, and, before the end of this century, skyscrapers will rise above the cloud-line and lose themselves in the firmaments; the Fast-Express will be supplanted by the Pneumatic Tubing System, and passengers will be carried at the rate of a mile per second. Great inventions will solve our industrial problems.

And mammoth syndicated farms will have for their domain one or several states. The achievements of this century will dwarf the achievements of the nineteenth century as those of the nineteenth dwarf those of the eighteenth. One can see signs of the change everywhere, and the rush of it increases as time goes ever onward. Everything we see is evidence of this progress of a kinetic reorganization of society beneath the traditional appearance of things. We are in marching order and have struck stride forever on the broad road of human possibilities. As we go onward humanity will experience no shock, no epoch-making incident, only minor disturbances in the densely populated streets, while making its gradual and well-formed transition.

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