Fundamentals of Success; PDF book (1923) by Hiram Boaz

Fundamentals of Success; PDF book (1923) by  Hiram Boaz

Fundamentals of Success; PDF book


It is my earnest desire to “light up the spirit” within youthful readers and show them the “more excellent way.”

Mr. Gladstone once said: “In some effectual degree there is in every boy the material of good work in the world.” There are now lying dormant in thousands of young men and women splendid possibilities which, if awakened, would bring beneficial results.

Would that I could stir the souls and fire the hearts of all who read these words and make them fully realize that in the world there are to-day an excellent field for service, a royal order of living, and honor and plenty for all who are willing to put forth the necessary effort! To help young men and women to the highest ideals, to awaken dormant hopes, to set the noblest standards, to encourage the strongest efforts, and to fire a holy passion for service to God and man is the earnest desire of the writer of this modest little volume.

Contents of the book

I. Our Wonderful Day . 13

II. Golden Opportunities. 31

III. The Demand for Men. 48

IV. The Value of a Man. 63

V. Heredity. 79

VI. Environment. 92

VII. The Will. 107

VIII. Divine Grace. 120

IX. The Ultimate Aim. 125

X. How to Fail. 138

XI. The Meaning of Success. 156

XII. Conditions of Success. 166

XIII. More Conditions of Success. 184

XIV. Courage and Faith Necessary. 200

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