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The sixth and seventh books of Moses PDF book (1910) magical and spirit arts of Moses and Aaron

The sixth and seventh books of Moses PDF book (1910)  

The sixth and seventh books of Moses PDF book


This rare and wonderful book, translated under personal supervision into the English language, and published for the first time. With exact copies of over One Hundred and Twenty- Five Seals, Signs, Emblems, etc., used by Moses, Aaron, Israelites, Egyptians, etc., in their astounding Magical and other Arts, including the period of time covered by the Old and New Testaments.

 This wonderful translation is of great importance to the student of Occultism. The extracts from the old and rare Mosaic Books of the Talmud and Cabala are invaluable. The book contains 125 illustrations which are exact copies of the stone tablets used by the Israelites and Egyptians to accomplish their designs for good or evil and are separately explained. This book has become very rare, enormously popular,. Translated from the German Original, Word for Word, according to the Old Ancient Writings and Famous Manuscripts of the Hebrews.

These two books were revealed by God, the Almighty, to His faithful servant Moses, on Mount Sinai, intervale lucis, and in this manner, they also came into the hands of Aaron, Caleb, Joshua, and finally to David and his son Solomon and their high priest Sadock. Therefore, they are Bibliis arcanum arcanum, which means, Mystery of all Mysteries.

Author:Lauron de Laurence
 Publication Date1910

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