Egyptian tales ; (1918) translated from the Papyri by William Petrie With Illustrations

Egyptian tales

Egyptian tales ; PDF book translated

It is strange that while literature occupies so much attention as at present, and while fiction is the largest division of our book-work, the oldest literature, and fiction of the world should yet have remained unrepresented to English readers. The tales of ancient Egypt have appeared collectively only in French, in the charming volume of Maspero's " Contes Populaires "; while some have been translated into English at scattered times in volumes of the " Records of the Past." But research moves forward; and translations that were excellent twenty years ago may now be largely improved, as we attain more insight into the language.

Contents Of The Book:

Introduction. I

Tales Of The Magicians

Khafra's Tale . . .10

Baufra's Tale . . .16

Hordedef's Tale . . .22

Remarks . . . .46

The Peasant And The Workman . 61

Remarks . . . 75

The Shipwrecked Sailor. .81

Remarks . . . -93

The Adventures Of Sanehat . . 97

Remarks . . . .127

Index ..... 143

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