Dante's Inferno - PDF book - Translated by John Ciardi

Dante's Inferno 

Dante's Inferno

The Inferno describes Dante's journey through Hell, guided by the ancient Roman poet Virgil. ... As an allegory, the Divine Comedy represents the journey of the soul toward God, with the Inferno describing the recognition and rejection of sin.

Yet, Dante's nearly 700-year-old, three-part epic poem, the Divine Comedy—of which “Inferno” is the initial part—remains an influential piece of literature in exploring the origins of evil. Dante's work has influenced or inspired music, novels, films, mobile apps, and even video games.

Review by Piyangie
The Inferno, part one of Dante's epic poem, The Divine Comedy, is the most imaginative poem that I've read in my life. I'm yet to read Purgatorio and Paradiso, but I doubt if any other poetic work can surpass Dante's Divine Comedy. 

The Inferno is where Dante walks through Hell with his guide Virgil, the famous poet who wrote The Aeneid which was sent to him by Beatrice, Dante's devoted love interest, who is in Paradise. His creation of Hell is influenced by Christian theology, philosophy, and former literary works of Virgil, Ovid, Homer, and the like.

However, Virgil's Aeneid is said to be the most associated literary text with The Divine Comedy. Dante's Hell is funnel-shaped and has nine tiers that punish different sins. 

At the bottom is Lucifer. It is fascinating to see how imaginative and creative Dante has been in inventing the different tiers of hell, the sins which are punished in them, and the punishment types.

Author: Dante
Publication Date: 1954
Translated by Henry John Ciardi

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