Tiberius, the tyrant PDF book (1902) by John Charles Tarver

Tiberius, the tyrant

Tiberius, the tyrant
Tiberius, the tyrant 

Tiberius was the second Roman emperor, reigning from 14 AD to 37 AD, succeeding Augustus. Born to Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla in a Claudian family, he was given the personal name Tiberius Claudius Nero


Between the death of Augustus and the death of Vespasian we have but few contemporary historians; we have no letters of Cicero to throw light on the inner life of the statesmen of those days; there were private records, private letters, and private biographies; we can gather their tone from the extracts that have been preserved for us, but we have no opportunity of comparing them or checking them. Velleius Paterculus is the only contemporary historian of the reign of Tiberius, a portion of whose work still exists unabridged; and his narrative stops just at the period when we require most light at the conspiracy of Sejanus where there is also a gap in the annals of Tacitus.

 From the books of the New Testament, we may infer much as to how the Empire appeared at a comparatively early period to the inhabitants of Greater Rome, much also from Josephus, a little from Philo, but we cannot re-people the Rome of Tiberius, as we can re-people the Rome of Augustus and the Rome of Cicero. Two facts stand clear to us from the pages of Tacitus, and in a less degree from those of Suetonius, that the Imperial Family was divided, that the old Roman princely houses never forgave the Empire, and that there was a Republican reaction in opinion at the centre of the Empire. History has repeated itself

The expansion of Rome and the equestrian order I
The roman people 24
The senate 42
Slavery 60
I the death of Augustus 79
Ii parents and childhood of Tiberius . . 85
Iii Octavian 106
Iv Augustus 129
V the education of Tiberius 143
Vi the family of Augustus 164
Vii the first retirement of Tiberius . . .185
Viii the return of tiberius 197
Ix the campaigns of Tiberius . . . . .215
X the last years of Augustus .... 245
Xi the accession of tiberius 253
Xii the mutinies in Pannonia and on the rhine 270
Xiii _tacitus and tiberius 293
Xiv the case of acrimonious libo .... 320 xv Germanicus and Piso 331
Xvi tiberius and the senate 353
Xvii Sejanus  T 385
Xviii the retirement at capreje .... 418

Author: John Charles Tarver
Publication Date: 1902

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