The women of Egypt PDF book (1914) by Elizabeth Cooper (with Illustrations)

The women of Egypt PDF book (1914)

Through my friendship with Egyptian women, I was permitted to visit in the homes and learn the customs and life, to a degree at least, of the women of various classes, both Egyptian and Bedouin. I visited the girls' schools and saw young Egypt at study. I visited the Missions, the hospitals, learning there the crying need of the woman for a larger knowledge of sanitary laws.

Much was gained from those who have looked upon the woman of Egypt from the point of view of her moral and religious development. Through my housekeeping experiences in Cairo, I discovered conditions relative to the working woman and the laboring class which can only be observed by a householder. Although I am well aware that the woman of Egypt, lodged in her traditions and conservatism, is not readily revealed, especially to an outsider, it is my hope that these pages may afford a glimpse into the modern life and problems confronting her in the present rapid and revolutionary changes which Egypt is now experiencing in common with the entire Eastern world.

Author: Elizabeth Cooper  Publication Date:1914   

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