Psychological atlas - with 400 illus.- by David Katz - PDF ebook

 Psychological atlas

Psychological atlas

Pictures and diagrams reach across the barriers of language and different modes of thought, and thereby people are brought into a community of understanding. For many years it has been the good fortune of Professor David Katz, of the University of Stockholm, to be invited to speak to diverse groups of people about the methods and the subject matter of the science of psychology. 

Thus he discovered that, no matter how the members of his audience differed incomprehension of his language, the use of graphic materials aroused their interest and served to illustrate his points. Over a period of many years, he has collected many graphic materials whereby to illuminate these popular lectures as well as to stimulate his university students to acquire a deep store of knowledge about principles and methods in the study of behaviour. 

The translator has wisely kept some of the "Old World flavour" in many of the concise explanatory notes. To the professional American psychologist, many of the pictures and diagrams will appear quaintly amusing. He will be interested to learn what foreign students of psychology learn about the work of American psychology ists.

 A number of the pictures are the common property of all psychologists, but most of them are rarely found in American books. Students of psychology are certain to discover that this atlas furnishes material for many a pleasant and stimulating hour. Philip Lawrence Harriman, Bucknell University 

In many fields of science, the atlas has proved to be a useful device for interesting the young student. Courses like geography, zoology, botany, anatomy, and history of art necessitate the use of graphic materials. No one has hitherto brought together within the covers of a single volume the interesting and useful pictures which relate to various phases of psychology. 

Consequently, this atlas, which represents the first attempt to organize a collection of graphic material, should meet a genuine need. The book is intended to stimulate an interest in psychology. In other words, the primary intent of the author is not that of making a contribution to science, but that of arousing a zeal for the study of psychology. 

For many years he has taken advantage of every opportunity to illustrate, by demonstrations and pictures, his lectures and discussions in the classroom. As a result, he has accumulated a large number of pictures. Even when lecturing before gatherings not well-versed in the author's language, he has found that the intelligibility of pictures and diagrams transcended linguistic barriers. Now, these materials are presented to American students of psychology. 

The general reader may find this atlas as interesting as the classroom student. The pictures certainly demonstrate how broad is the scope of psychology; hence they may serve to counteract the influence of evanescent interests in such fields as abnormal psychology or child development. 


Introduction ix 

Part I: text 3 

Chapter 1. General psychology 3 

Chapter 2. Characterology and typology 16 

Chapter 3. Developmental psychology 20 

Chapter 4. Physical handicaps 26 
Chapter 5. Abnormal psychology and psychiatry 

Chapter 6. Occult phenomena 32 

Chapter 7. Applied psychology 34 

Chapter 8. Animal psychology 36 

Part ii: diagrams 43 

Eminent psychologists 129 

Appendix 138 

Author: David Katz
Illustrator: Gaynor, Frank,
Publication Date:1949

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