Free PDF: Thai-English dictionary for the use of students in both languages 8000 words

A Siamese Thai-English dictionary for the use of students in both languages with pronunciation.

This dictionary for anyone who wants to learn the Thai language, and for Thai people who want to learn the English Language. of course the dictionary has pronunciation but it is not enough. you can make a Thai friend help you or use google translate to hear the sounds. because it is a big problem that sounds in the Thai language are very different than English.

Thai-English dictionary for the use of students in both languages
Thai-English dictionary pdf book

It may be assumed that there are at least 14,000 words exclusive of phrases, in the Siamese language, as now spoken. Of these the present dictionary contains about 8,000, It does not, therefore, pretend to be an exhaustive work. If such had been its aim or scope, its cost must have been far greater, and its size more voluminous. What the author has intended is to lay before the reader, and more especially before Siamese students, a compact volume containing the words required in ordinary conversation and for the reading of ordinary books

example of the Thai dictionary
example of the Thai dictionary

. Many technical words, especially theological and mythological; have been designedly omitted; and others, which it would have been desirable to include, have no doubt escaped the notice of the author, in spite of all the assistance which could be obtained from Siamese scholars and teachers. The difficulties of obtaining correct information; even as to comparatively simple words are almost incredible; and the author is profoundly conscious of how unable he has been to cope satisfactorily with such obstacles. He regrets most heartily that the work did not fall into IX abler hands; such, for instance, like his predecessor in office,

 a large measure of indulgence from readers on the ground amongst many others, that while demand for a dictionary of this kind was» becoming more and more urgent every year, no other and more competent person seemed at all likely to undertake the work.

Lipikrommāyon phāsā Thai plǣ pen phāsā ʻAngkrit

Author: Michell, Edward Blair 
Publication Date: 1892

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