Famous men of ancient times PDF book by Samuel G. Goodrich (1843)

Famous men of ancient times PDF book  by Samuel G. Goodrich

Famous men of ancient times PDF


Mohammed.--Belisarius.--Attila.--Nero.--Seneca.--Virgil.--Cicero.--Julius Cæsar.--Hannibal.--Alexander.--Aristotle.--Demosthenes.--Apelles.--Diogenes.--Plato.--Socrates.--Alcibiades.--Democritus.--Pericles.--Aristides.--Æsop.--Solon.--Lycurgus.--Homer.--Confucius

The reader of these pages will perhaps remark, that the length of the following sketches is hardly proportioned to the relative importance of the several subjects, regarded from a merely historical point of view. An explanation of this fact, the author begs to leave to say, that, while he intended to present a series of the great beacon lights that shine along the shores of the past, and thus throw a continuous gleam over the dusky sea of ancient history, — he had still other views. His chief aim is moral culture; and several articles have been abridged or extended, as this controlling purpose might be subserved. It may be proper to make one observation more.

If the author has been somewhat more chary of his eulogies upon the great men that figure in the pages of Grecian and Roman the story, then is the established custom, he has only to plead in his vindication, that he has viewed them in the same light — weighed them in the same balance — measured them by the same standard, as he should have done the more familiar characters of our own day, making due allowance for the times and circumstances in which they acted.

He has stated the results of such a mode of appreciation; yet if the master spirits of antiquity are thus shorn of some portion of their glory, the writer still believes that the interest they excite is not lessened and that the instruction they afford is not diminished.

 On the contrary, it seems to him that the study of ancient biography, if it is impartial and discriminating, is one of the most entertaining and useful to which the mind can be applied.

Author: Samuel G. Goodrich
 Publication Date: 1843
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