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Airplane design and construction - Illustrated 

Airplane design and construction
Airplane design and construction

By far the major part of experimental work in aero-dynamics has been conducted in Europe rather than in America, where the feat of flying in a heavier-than-air machine was first accomplished. This book presents in greater detail than has hitherto been attempted in this country the application of aerodynamic research conducted abroad to practical airplane design. The airplane industry is now shifting from the design and construction of military types of craft to that of pleasure and commercial types. 

The publication of this book at this time is, therefore, opportune, and it should go far toward replacing by scientific procedure many of the "cut and try" methods now used. Employment of the data presented should enable designers to save both time and expense. 

The arrangement, presentation of subject matter, and explanation of the derivation of working formulae, together with the assumptions upon which they are based, and consequently their limitations, are such that the book lends itself to use as a text in technical schools and colleges.

The dedication of this volume to Wilbur and Orville Wright is at once appropriate and significant; appropriate, in that it is a tangible expression of the keen appreciation of the author for the great work of these two brothers, and significant, in that it is a return, in the form of a rational analysis of many of the problems relating to airplane design and operation, on the part of the product of an older civilization to the product of the new, as a sort of recompense for the daring, courage and inventive genius which made human flight possible.

Contents of the book :

Structure of the Airplane
I. The Wings 1
II. The Control Surfaces 19
III. The Fuselage 37
IV. The Landing Gear 44
V. The Engine 51
VI. The Propeller 72
VII. Elements of Aerodynamics 87
VIII. The Glide 102
IX. Flying with Power On 115
X. Stability and Maneuverability 134
XI. Flying in the Wind 151
XII. Problems of Efficiency. 161
XIII. The Speed. 167
XIV. The Climbing 188
XV. Great Loads and Long Flights 204
Design of the Airplane
XVI. Materials 221
XVII. Planning the Project 261
XVIII. Static Analysis of Main Planes and Control Surfaces .... 276
XIX. Static Analysis of Fuselage, Landing Gear and Propeller. . . 324
XX. Determination of the Flying Characteristics 358
XXI. Sand Tests Weighing Flight Tests . . 379
INDEX. . - 401

the book details :
  • Author:Ottorino Pomilio
  • Publication date:  1919
  • Company: New York: McGraw-Hill book company, inc.

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