The divine mystery - R. Swinburne Clymer - PDF ebook

The divine mystery 

The divine mystery
The divine mystery - R. Swinburne Clymer 

The Gods, Known in the Early Ages as the Incubi and Succubi, are Now Known as the Elementals. Solving the Mystery of the Immaculate Conception and How it Was, and Is, Possible. Giving Full Instructions for Development, and How to Come Into Touch With the Elementals, Also The Human Soul Before and After Death. Constitution of Man and the Universe. Key of Gospels. Gospel Initiation, According to Pistis Sophia.

'There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown." — Genesis 5, v. 4. Beloved Scholar, the Mystery of the Ages has been the birth of the Christ. 

The Church has taught that Christ was of Immaculate Conception; but, believe me, that same Church has NOT believed in that Doctrine. It belongs to the men of that oldest and most mighty Fraternity to enlighten you and those who would listen, for we hold the secret, and we will give you it. 

Does it seem so very strange that Mary might have conceived without human agency? 
It may seem strange to those who know not the secret, but surely the student can guess the secret, for it has been hinted at in all Rosicrucian literature. 

In explaining this mystery to you, we do not intend to depend upon our explanation, but we will depend entirely upon the Bible, that book accepted as truth by all Chris- tians, and we will also place before you the writings of the Holy Fathers. In the Rosicrucian romance of the "Comte de Gabalis," or "Conversations Upon the Secret Sciences," by the Abbe de Villars, we read: "When you shall be enrolled among the children of the Philosophers you will discover that the elements are inhabited by very holy creatures, whom, in consequence of the sin of unhappy Adam, his too unhappy prosperity have been forbidden to see or know. 

The immense space that is between earth and heaven possesses inhabitants much nobler than the birds and gnats merely; the vast ocean has many more dwellers than the dolphins and the whales; the depths of the earth are not created only for the moles; and the elements of fire, nobler than the other three, were not made to remain void. 

"The air is full of an innumerable multitude of creatures of the human form; great lovers of the sciences, subtle, benevolent to the wise, but enemies to the stupid and ignorant. 

Their wives and their dangers are of bold and masculine beauty, such as painters have represented the Amazons. "Know also that the seas and rivers are as fully inhabited as the air; the wise ancients have mentioned these populations under the names of Undines or Nymphs. 

There are few males among them, but a vast number of females; their beauty is extreme, and the daughters of men are not to be compared to them. "The earth is filled to the centre by Gnomes, a people of small stature, guardians of the treasures of the mines and quarries; they are ingenious, friends of mankind, and easy to command; they furnish the children of the wise with all the money that they require, and ask little for their *See the book, "The Irreconcilable Gnomes, or Continuation to the Comte de Gabalis," published by this house.

The book details :
  • Author: Reuben Swinburne Clymer was an American occultist and modern Rosicrucian Supreme Grand Master of the FRC, perhaps the oldest continuing Rosicrucian organization in the Americas
  • Publication date:1910
  • Company: Allentown, Pa., Philosophical publishing co

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