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The investigation of mind in animals 

The investigation of mind in animals

There are few people who cannot relate some apparently striking instance of animal intelligence; the majority of such cases, however, will not stand critical examination. The science which has for its object the systematic investigation of the brute mind is Animal Psychology, and it would seem that the methods of this youthful discipline are still unknown to many, even among those who profess an interest in animal conduct. 

It is, then, with the purpose of presenting a brief account of the modes of the procedure employed by Animal Psychology, its aims, trend, and the general nature of the results hitherto obtained, that this little book has been written. In a work of this character, discussion and controversy would have been out of place, so the treatment has been confined as far as possible to description and illustration; at the same time attention has been drawn to some of the chief difficulties inherent in the inquiry. 

A complete and exhaustive presentation of facts was, of course, out of question, and much that is of interest and importance has had, inevitably, to be omitted; but it is to be hoped that the interested reader of leisure will refer to some, at least, of the original articles mentioned in the bibliography, nearly all of which will be found to contain further references.


I. Introductory: Protozoan behaviour. i
II. Retentiveness: Habit-formation . . 24
III. Associative Memory and Sensory Discrimination ... . 47
IV. Instinct ....... 77
V. Homing ....... 99
VI. Imitation ...... 122
VII. The Evidence for Intelligence And for Ideas ...... 146
Bibliography . . . . . .175
Index ....... 180

the book details :
  • Author: Emily Mary Smith
  • Publication date: 1915
  • Company: Cambridge, University Press

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