How to succeed as an inventor - by Goodwin Brooke Smith - PDF ebook

How to succeed as an inventor 

How to succeed as an inventor
How to succeed as an inventor

showing the wonderful possibilities in the field of the invention; the dangers to be avoided; the inventions needed; how to perfect and develop new ideas to the money-making stage

the author of this book, after a number of years of experience in Patent Causes, is constrained to enter a strong protest against the enormous waste and loss attendant on methods at present pursued in regard to patents. This loss and waste are largely due to a lack of business knowledge necessary to properly market and develop inventions.

 History shows that enormous profits can be earned from good, strong patents. A careful perusal of the following pages will point out some of the dangers to be avoided and the safe and reasonable course to be pursued. 

The invention is a matter that requires the deepest study and should be approached, not in a haphazard, hit-or-miss fashion, but rather in a receptive, studious, analytical manner. While the average individual is fond of giving advice, no one enjoys accepting it. There is no one, however, who so needs competent, unprejudiced advice as to the inventor. 

A genius is more or less prejudiced in certain directions, and it has been found that the prejudice oftentimes runs against the acceptance of well-intentioned criticism. "Our judgment is like our watches, — none go just alike, but each believes his own." It is to be hoped that this volume will be the means of saving, as well as earning, money for the hosts of deserving American geniuses.

Looking Forward 11
Looking Backward 14
Patents the Greatest Source of Wealth 21
Successful Inventors 22
Field of Invention 27
Growth of the Field of Invention 32
Necessary Steps 38
Sounding the Market 48
Practical Development 49
Lower Cost — Superior Merit 50
Application for Patents, Etc 51
Picture of U.S. Patent Office.
Marketing 54
Discouragements and Dangers 56
Selling Patents 60
Conclusion 62
Statistics of the Countries of the World 63
Mechanical Movements and Explanation Thereof 65

the book details :
  • Author: Goodwin Brooke Smith
  • Publication date: 1909
  • Company: Philadelphia, Inventors and investors corporation

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