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The religion of the soul 

The religion of the soul

There is One God, one Will of God and therefore one religion. The ungodly strife among creeds with their inveterate traditional prejudices, and the consequent mental and sentimental confusion, is the result of the fact that none of them directly appeals to conscience as our inward bond with God. Notwithstanding the universal conviction that conscience is the supreme tribunal of worthiness and judgment, no creed has ever attempted to explain the might of conscience as the living Voice of God and the supreme source of religion. 

Though historical creeds possess a large volume of more or less sublime religious aspirations, the absence of the Voice of God in their fundamental doctrines makes it impossible for them to substantiate the spiritual honour of the soul, to establish religious harmony among themselves, and to lead mankind to that godly mutuality which is the desire of every righteous heart.

Conscience is the real temple of religion, where the Voice of God is clearly audible. In this holy temple, we see and feel the fatherhood of God, our divine childship and immortal brotherhood, the three eternal gospels of religion and the theme of all great prophets and teachers of humanity. 

The cry for religion in the human heart was never so potent as it is today. But we must first know and possess conscience before we shall be able to understand the true religion of the soul. To all men of goodwill, interested in their own consciences and in the conscience of mankind, these pages are offered in profound esteem and sincere affection, 

Some contents:

Preface 5
Religion in General 9
Origin of Religion 10
God 12
The Almighty Attributes Pertaining to the Holy Will of God. 13
Divine Holiness 13
Divine Perfection 14
Divine Eternity 16
The Almighty Attributes Pertaining to the Holy Truth of God. 17
Divine Contemplation 17
Divine Omniscience 19
Divine Omnipresence 21
The Almighty Attributes Pertaining to the Holy Love of God. 23
Divine Love 23
Divine Justice 25
Divine Goodness 27
Conscience 30
The Eternal Origin and Form of Conscience 32
The Commanding Might of Conscience 37
The Soul 39
The Reason for the Existence of the Soul 44
The Great Destiny of the Soul 46
The Fulfilment of our Holy Destiny 52
Virtues the Eternal Voice of God in Conscience and the Substance
of Religion 55
Virtues of the Will 59
The Virtue of Humility 59

the book details :
  • Author: unknown
  • Publication date:1922
  • Company: Glen Ellyn, Ill., Soc. for Religious Education

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