The dog fiend, or, Snarleyyow - by Frederick Marryat - PDF novel

The dog fiend, or, Snarleyyow

The dog fiend

Plot summary:

A story of William the Third's reign. The dog which plays such a prominent role belongs to a rascally lieutenant commanding a small vessel hunting for smugglers. 

The lieutenant's avarice gets him mixed up with the Jacobites and when he has quite filled up the cup of his cruelties and treachery, it is at their hands he meets with his doom. Lieut. Vanslyperken and his dog are grotesques, verging on the horrible; but the story has many episodes of characteristic fun and comedy, while Short and the widow are extremely humorous

the book details :
  • Author: Frederick Marryat
  • Publication date: 1847
  • Company: London: R. Bentley - Historical fiction 

  • Download 12/9 MB 

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