The control of life - by John Arthur Thompson - PDF book

The control of life

The control of life

A naturalist’s observations on the relations of science and human evolution. Chiefly interesting as an optimistic summary of the progress of mankind and the mutual benefits of advancing intelligence and biological development.

From preface:
This book is a vindication of the thesis that Science is for Life. Its central idea is that new freedom may be reached by bringing more brains, as well as more goodwill, to bear on " the relief of man's estate " and the enlargement of everyday life. By the application of science to practical problems, Man can get rid of many hindrances that slow his progress — which, in its higher reaches, means the fuller realisation of the True, the Beautiful, and the Good. 

Our hope is that the book may make it more vividly clear that increased biological knowledge implies increased possibilities of controlling life. The biological control of life is true to the theory of organic evolution as works to faith. But what is here illustrated with particular reference to Biology holds true also in regard to the other sciences. 

The hopefulness of our outlook and the contribution the book makes to a theory of progress may seem to some to be sanguine; we submit, however, that our position is that of a sound scientific meliorism. In any case, the book contains a readily intelligible introduction to a study of questions which must be faced by every educated citizen — questions in regard to our natural inheritance, the correlation of 'nature' and nurture/ the general biology of health, the individual life-history, the changes in population, and the factors in man's evolution.

I Science for Life
II The Biological Control of Life
III Our Natural Inheritance
IV The Influences of Nurture
V The Biology of Health.
VI The Individual Life Cycle
VII Population Problems
VIII The Kingdom of Man
IX Progress in Evolution.

the book details :
  • Author: John Arthur Thompson
  • Publication date: 1921
  • Company: London A. Melrose

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