A book of marionettes - PDF book by HelenJoseph

A book of marionettes 

A book of marionettes
A book of marionettes 

The story of the marionette is endless, in fact, it has neither beginning nor end. The marionette has been everywhere and is everywhere. One cannot write of the puppets without saying more than one had in- tended and less than one desired: there is such a piquant insistency in them. The purpose of this book is altogether modest, but the length of it has grown to be presumptuous.

 As to its merit, that must be found in the subject matter and in the sources from which the material was gathered. If this volume is but a signpost pointing the way to better historians and friends of the puppets and through them on to more puppet play it will have proven merit enough.

 The bibliography appended is far from a complete list of puppet literature. It includes, however, the most important works of modern times upon marionettes and much comment, besides, that is casual or curious or close at hand. The author is under obligation to those friendly individuals who generously gave of their time and interest and whose suggestions, explanations and kind assistance have made possible this publication. 

 Above all, however, acknowledgement is due to the steady encouragement and interested criticism of Ernest Joseph. Although he did not live to see the finished volume, his stimulating buoyancy and excellent judgment constantly inspired the composition of this simple account of puppets.


How I Came to Write a Book on Puppets, 9
Puppets of Antiquity, 14
Oriental Puppets, 24
Puppets of Italy and Southern Europe, 50
The Puppets in France, 81
Puppet Shows of Germany and of other Continental Countries, 113
Puppetry in England, 143
The Marionettes in America, 164
Toy Theatres and Puppet Plays for Children, 192
A Plea for Polichinelle, 203
Behind the Scenes, 216
Construction of a Marionette Stage, 225
Bibliography, 229
Index, 233

book details :
  • Author: Helen Haiman Joseph,
  • Publication date: 1920
  • Company: New York, B.W. Huebsch

  • Download 14.3 MB - contains illustrations 

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