What is Truth- PDF book by Christian D. Larson (1912)

What is Truth

To formulate a complete and final definition for truth is not possible, the reason being that the truth in itself, or in any of its expressions, cannot be circumscribed by the human mind. The truth is too large to be described by any definition, however basic or comprehensive it may be. 

The best we can do, therefore, is to define our highest conceptions of truth. And moreover, we shall find this to be sufficient. To define and understand our highest conception of truth is to know, in the present, as much of the truth as we shall find necessary to gain that freedom that invariably comes with the truth. And as we continue to seek higher and higher conceptions of truth, as we advance in life, we shall accordingly find that greater measure of freedom which must necessarily accompany the more advanced stages of human existence. 

The purpose, therefore, of this book is not to present a clear-cut definition of truth, nor to give an answer to the question. What is truth? that would stand the test of all thought and experience. No, indeed, for such a course would defeat the aim


 I the Meaning of Truth 9
II. How to Know the Truth 23
III. How to Seek the Truth 35
IV. Where to Find the Truth 50
V. Where We Get Our Ideas 63
VI. The Two Sides of Truth 74
VII. Striking Illustrations of Half-Truths 89
VIII. The Subconscious Factor 99
IX. The Real and Unreal Ill
X. In Reality Everything is Good 122
XI. Causing the Best to Happen 129
XII. The Truth About Right and Wrong. 137
XIII. The Truth About Freedom 148
XIV. The Royal Path to Freedom 157
XV. The Truth Beyond Truth 164
XVI. Discernment of Absolute Truth 176

the book details :
  • Author: Christian D. Larson
  • Publication date: 1912
  • Company: Los Angeles, Calif.: New Literature

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