How to sell through speech - PDF book by Grenville Kleiser

How to sell through speech

How to sell through speech

The businessman is not the only person interested in the subject of salesmanship. Practically everyone has something to sell, whether it be merchandise, talent, skill, experience, or service. This book embraces practical talks to the salesman, businessman, lawyer, preacher, and others, but it is confidently believed that the suggestions addressed to one class will be of practical value to the business and professional men generally. 

A salesman, in order to be highly successful, must have the ability to talk well. A pleasant speaking voice, an agreeable manner, an adequate vocabulary, and facility in expressing his ideas clearly and convincingly — these are indispensable to his greatest success. Modem salesmanship, based primarily on common sense, demands high- est qualifications and efforts on the part of the salesman. The chief purpose of this book is to stimulate and develop the best resources of the man or woman who has something to sell through speech.

  • The Salesman 11
  • The Business Man 33
  • The Lawyer 59
  • The Woman Speaker  83
  • The Preacher 115 

the book details :
  • Author: Grenville Kleiser
  • Publication date:1920
  • Company: New York, London, Funk & Wagnalls Company

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