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Selling things

Selling things
Selling things - by Orison Swett Marden 

Selling things and introducing yourself, telling just what service you are prepared to render. The only good reason for being in business is because you can render service. You should feel that you are the benefactor of the man whom you approach. He may be your superior financially, but in the matter of your particular article or articles for sale, you should feel that you are his superior, and therefore you should approach him with the utmost ease and confidence. 

The big winners in salesmanship are those who possess the initiative, the originality, and the poise, which enable them to go out and find customers quickly and intelligently, covering the biggest amount of territory in a short est time and concentrating their energies. 

The use of the telephone in finding customers and making appointments is a method that requires considerable skill. There are those who believe that it is too easy for a man to "turn you down" on the telephone. 

There are others who believe that it is foolish to waste carfare and time when you can quickly arrange matters over the telephone. Experience and native ability must guide the salesman in the use of the telephone. 
 So, in the matter of letter-writing, often where a letter would be thrown in the wastebasket, or receive a negative reply, a personal call from the salesman might get a big order.

 Yet, in many cases, the right kind of letters would get the business and save the salesman much useless expenditure of time, money and energy. The day may come when, if our goods are exactly as represented, customers will make a beaten track to our door, but this will not happen until human nature has changed very much. 

The human element enters so much into sales that it is still quite an important part of salesmanship for the salesman to make personal visits, so as to get the orders. To be sure, we have the department stores and speciality houses which have built up a well-known reputation for merchandise of high quality and reasonable price. 

These will continue to draw customers, with the help of wise advertising, but they must employ the right kind of sales- force to handle properly the customers who visit their places of business.


I the Man Who Can Sell Things . 1
Ii Training the Salesman .... 6
Iii the Most Important Subjects of Study 14
Iv Making a Favorable Impression . . 19
V the Selling Talk or "Presentation" 28
Vi the Approach and Expression . . 33
Vii the Ability to Talk Well ... 37
Viii How to Get Attention 42
Ix Tact as a Friend-winner and Business-getter 47
X Sizing Up the Prospect .... 62
Xi How Suggestion Helps in Selling. 71
Xii the Force of Cheerful Expectancy. 79
Xiii the Gentle Art of Persuasion . . 86
Xiv Helping the Customer to Buy . . 94
Xv Closing the Deal 105
Xvi the Greatest Salesman Enthusiasm 112
Xvii the Man at the Other End of the Bargain 119
Xviii Meeting and Forestalling Objections 125
Xix Quality as a Salesman 133
Xx a Salesman's Clothes 139
Xxi Finding Customers 148

the book details :
  • Author: Orison Swett Marden  and Joseph Francis McGrail
  • Publication date: 1916
  • Company: New York, Thomas Y. Crowell company

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