Clothed with the sun - PDF book by Anna Bonus Kingsford

Clothed with the sun

Clothed with the sun
Clothed with the sun

Dedication to the numerous and worldwide circle of genuine students of Divine things, who recognised in Anna Kingsford a Seer, an Interpreter, and a Prophet of the rarest lucidity and inspiration, and a foremost herald of the dawning better age; and especially to the Friend whose instant and enthusiastic appreciation proved invaluable support in a position of peculiar difficulty, and beneath whose roof some of the Illuminations herein contained were received, but who desires to remain unnamed; and also to the " friend, disciple, and literary heir of the renowned magician, the late Abbe Constant (" Eliphas Levi ")" — namely, to the Baron Guiseppe Spedalieri, for manifold tokens of high approbation and devoted friendship, — this book is affectionately inscribed.

A comparatively brief statement, however, will suffice, since the questions to be satisfied are but two in number, and the answers to them will be addressed to such persons only as are already sufficiently developed in respect of the consciousness of things spiritual, as at the least to be capable of entertaining propositions involving the reality of the region and experiences concerned. 

For this is a restriction which obviates the necessity of arguments and explanations, which could not be other than protracted, conceived in deference to those who, being totally devoid of the spiritual consciousness, are wont to make their own defect of sensibility an argument against such reality and to regard denials based upon non-experience as effectually disposing of affirmations based upon experience. The two questions to be elucidated ar

 (1) The source and method of these Illuminations; 
 (2) the nature and import of the revelation contained in them, supposing it to be, as confidently regarded by ourselves, a new and divine revelation. And this, whether judged by the method of its communication, or by its intrinsic nature. For the test, no less than the testimony is twofold. As respects the first head. 

These illuminations are in no way due to artificial stimulation of faculty, whether by means of drugs or by " animal magnetism," " mesmerism," or " hypnotism," or to the induction of any abnormal state through the act of the recipient herself or of some other person; all that was or could be done on this behalf being the promotion of the interior conditions favourable to the reception of them. 

And these conditions consisted, not in the search for phenomenal experiences — though these would sometimes occur, in the intense direction of the will and desire towards the highest, and an unchanging resolve to be satisfied with nothing less than the highest, namely, the inmost and central idea of the fact or doctrine to be interpreted; the motive also being the highest, namely, the emancipation, satisfaction, and benediction of souls, our own and those of others

Some contents:


I. Concerning the three Veils between Man and God 1-5
II. Part I. Concerning Inspiration and Prophesying 5-8
Part 2. A prophecy of the Kingdom of the Soul is mystically called the Day of the Woman. 8-10
III. Concerning the prophecy of the Immaculate Conception ...... 10-13
IV. Concerning Revelation .... 13-16
V. Concerning the Interpretation of the Mystical Scriptures .... — Part I 16-19
Do. Do, — Part 2 20-22
VI. Concerning the Mosaic Cosmogony . . . 22-25
VII. Concerning the Fall ..... 26-29
VIII. Concerning the prophecy of the Deluge . . 30-31
IX. Concerning the prophecy of the Book of Esther. 31-33
X. Concerning the prophecy of the vision of Nebuchadnezzar ...... 34-36
XL Concerning the prophecy of the time of the End. 36-42
XII. Concerning the Soul: its origin, nature, and potentialities ...... 42-54
XIII. Concerning Persephone, or the Soul's descent into matter ...... 54.57
XIV. Concerning: the Genius or Daemon — Part i . 57-63
Do. Do. —Part 2 . 64-68
XV. Concerning- the " Powers of the Air " — Part 1 69-72
Do. Do. — Part 2 73-74
XVI. Concerning the Devil and devils . . 74-75
XVII. Concerning: the Gods .... 76-77
XVIII. Concerning: the Greek Mysteries . . 77-85
XIX. Concerning' the Origin of Evil, and the Tree as
the type of Creation. — Part I 85-86
Do. Do. . —Part 2 86-89
XX. Concerning the Great Pyramid, and the Initiations therein. .... 89-93
XXI. Concerning- the " Man of Power " . . 93-98
XXII. Concerning- the " Work of Power " . , 98-102
XXIII. Concerning Regeneration . . , 103-106
XXIV. Concerning: the Man Reg-enerate . . 106-111
XXV. Concerning- the Christ and the Logos . . 111-113

the book details :
  • Author: Anna Bonus Kingsford
  • Editors:  Edward Maitland- Samuel Hopgood Hart
  • Publication date:  1912
  • Company:  London: J. M. Watkins

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