A bit of Atlantis - PDF Book by Douglas Erskine

A bit of Atlantis

A bit of Atlantis
A bit of Atlantis by Douglas Erskine

From introduction:

The "fabled Atlantis" is a familiar expression, and perhaps one which correctly states the opinion held by the great majority of those who have any opinion on the subject; but ever since the days of Solon there have been those who have stoutly maintained that, far away in the dim past, a mighty Island Empire existed, where now the waters of the Atlantic roll '^a thousand fathoms deep"; which Empire pushed out its civilization and influence, on the one hand into Europe, and across Asia, to the shores of the Pacific; and on the other across the Continent of America, until its western borders were bounded by the other side of the same Ocean. 

Plato, in his Dialogues, (Timaeus), has given a most circumstantial account of the Empire of Atlantis up to a certain point; where, however, his story abruptly. terminates. After stating that his ancestor, Solon, visited Sais at the head of the Nile Delta, where he learned from the Egyptian priests' many things which had been preserved in their history about what had taken place in ancient times, and particularly how the men of his own city, Athens, had driven back a mighty western nation, which had conquered all others but the Greeks; he proceeds with the tale which had come down to him from Solon as follows: 

Many great and wonderful deeds are recorded of your State in our histories, but one of them exceeds all the rest in greatness and valour; for these histories tell of a mighty power which was aggressing wantonly against the whole of Europe and Asia, and to which your city put an end. 

This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits, which you call the Columns of Heracles; the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together and was the way to other islands, and from the islands, you might pass through the whole of the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean; for this sea which is within the Straits of Heracles is only a harbour, having a narrow entrance, but that other is a real sea, and the surrounding land may be most truly called a continent. 

Now, in the island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire, which had rule over the whole island and several others, as well as over parts of the continent; and, besides these, they subjected the parts of Libya within the Columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia. 

The vast power thus gather- ed into one endeavoured to subdue at one blow our country and yours, and the whole of the land which was within the straits, and then, Solon, your country shone forth, in the excellence of her virtue and strength, among all mankind; for she was the first in courage and military skill, and was the leader of the Hellenes. 


Introduction 11
Chapter I.
The Storm 60
Chapter II.
Duvarnay and the de Montvilles 63
Chapter III.
The de Montvilles, continued 59
Chapter IV.
The Denesmores 66
Chapter V.
An Eventful Voyage 71
Chapter VI.
A Mysterious Country 77
Chapter VII.
Tlie Mystery Deepens 92
Chapter VIII.
Comfortable Quarters and Strange Recollections 105
Chapter IX.
Unwelcome Visitors 113
Chapter X.
A Warm Reception 121
Chapter XI.
Jim, and the Key to the Mystery of the Island 129
Chapter XII.
The Last Will of Atlas, King of Atlantis 138
Chapter XIII.
The Treasure Chamber and the King 150
Chapter XIV.
The Doom of the Island 160
Chapter XV.
Without each other, the light would have gone from their lives 175
Chapter XVI.
The Heritage Returns 183
Chapter XVII.
Down to the Eventide 191

the book details :
  • Author:  Douglas Erskine
  • Publication date: 900
  • Company:  Montreal: Chapman

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