Life & teachings of Swami Dayanand - PDF book by Vishwa Prakash

Life & teachings of Swami Dayanand

Swami Dayanand

A short history of the Arya Samaj is in preparation. It will contain about 400 pages. The birth and the growth of the movement with figures and interesting anecdotes; the Martyrs of the Arya Samaj; the grand sacrifices of its devoted members; the amelioration of masses; the educational activities; and various other topics full of interest and sensation will be dealt with in this book.

ARYA Varta the holy Arya Varta has been from the time immemorial a land of Rishis. It was a centre of learning a centre of spiritual culture. 

This was the cynosure of the eyes of the world and persons from the distant parts of the world came here to obtain spiritual bliss. These noble traditions of the past, have been linked to our own day by the spiritually gifted personalities that sprang up from time to time. And what is Dayanand only a link of that chain? 

Who is Dayanand? "Dayanand" in the poetic phraseology of Rabindra Xath Tagore the great poet Life & Teachings of Swami Dayanand. of Nobel-Prize fame,  was the great path-maker in modern India, who through bewildering tangles of creeds and practices the dense undergrowth of the degenerate days of our country cleared a straight path that was meant to lead the Hindus to a simple and rational life of devotion to God and service for man. 

With a clear-sighted vision of truth and courage of determination he preached and worked for our self-respect and vigorous awakenment of mind that could strive for a harmonious adjustment with the progressive spirit of the modern age and at the same time keep in perfect touch with that glorious past of India when it revealed its personality, in freedom of thought and action, in an unclouded radiance of spiritual realisation. "


1. Early Life ... ... 1
2. Good-bye-Home ... ... 19
3. Now Swami Dayanand ... 29
4. In search of a religious preceptor 35
5. Crowned at Last ... ... 61
6. Years of Indecision ... ... 79
7. Swami Throws the Gauntlet ... 95
8. Reforms in the Vedic Church ... 129
9. Reconstruction of the Hindu Society ... ... ... 147
10. Swami Dayanand and Theosophists ... ... ... 159
1 1 . Swamt Dayanand and Brahmo Samaj ... ... _ 183
12. Swami Dayanand -The founder of the Arya Samaj ... ... 197
13. Swami Dayanand a great
preacher 211
14. Swami Dayanand a great writer 227
15. Physical and Spiritual Lustre of
Swami Dayanand ... ... 235
16. Attempts upon his life ... 247
17. Glorious death of Swami Dayanand ... ... ... 263
18. Swami Dayanand great philosopher ... ... ... 283
19. Swami Dayanand a man of the World ... ... ... 295
20. Swami Dayanand a great Sanyasi 303 

the book details :
  • Author: Vishwa Prakash
  • Publication date: 1920
  • Company:  Allahabad Kala Press

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