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Sugar - cane and beet, an object lesson


From the introduction:
The publishers have asked me to write a little book on Sugar. I take this to mean a popular book which shall attract the reader by being, if possible, interesting as well as instructive, and that where technical detail is necessary it shall not be too " dry." But for those whom I may succeed in interesting, and who only desire to know more and go deeper, I can recommend a few books of a reliable character. One of the greatest sugar experts of the present day is H. C. Prinsen Geerligs, who has been doing splendid work in Java for many years. 

He wrote a little book in 1902, published at the office of The Sugar Cane, Altrin- cham, on " Cane Sugar and the Process of its Manufacture in Java," which is easy to read and well worth reading. This was followed by a larger work in 1909, published by Norman Rodger at the same office, entitled " Cane Sugar and its Manufacture." It does what it professes, giving in one book all that is known of the chemistry and technology of the sugar cane and cane sugar manufacture. The technicalities relating to the machinery it leaves to others, especially to Noel Deerr's work, " Sugar and the Sugar Cane." This book, a very excellent one, published in the same office, appeared in 1905. 

The most recent work, published by Edward Stanford in 1909, " The Manufacture of Cane Sugar," by Llewellyn Jones, M.I.E.S., and Frederic I. Scard, F.I.C., is also a fine work, profusely illustrated. A new edition, published by Spon, 1909, has recently appeared, of Newlands' portly and expensive volume, " Sugar, a Handbook for Planters and Refiners," bringing things up-to-date. 

I hasten to express my acknowledgements to all these authors. Books about the beetroot sugar industry are not so plentiful as they used to be. There is a handy little volume, worth reading though rather out of date, " Le Sucre et ITndustrie Sucriere, par Paul Horsin-Deon, Ingenieur-Chimiste, Paris, Baillidre, 1894." 

The Sugar Cane, now called The International Sugar Journal, published at Altrincham, is the best English vade-mecum for technical matters and general news connected with sugar. , The West India Committee Circular is also well worth reading, full of interesting news and good pictures. The Journal des Fabricants de Sucre, the Paris organ of the French industry, has been one of my constant companions ever since its birth in 1860. It is a mine of accurate information on all matters connected with the world's sugar industry. 

from America, we get the Louisiana Planter, the American Sugar Industry and Beet Sugar Gazette and Gray's Weekly Statistical Sugar Trade Journal, and other useful guides to knowledge. 

There are also German and Austrian sugar journals of a first-class character for those who can read the language. The inquiring student, when he has read and digested the larger works which I have mentioned, can therefore keep up his knowledge from week to week by reading the journals of the day. If this little popular treatise succeeds in impelling him to further study I shall not have laboured in vain



the book details :
  • Author:George Martineau
  • Publication date: 1910
  • Company: Sir I. Pitman & sons, ltd

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